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Isiah Hill Head of Marketing at Landing Lion

1. Tell us about your background and your current role at Landing Lion.

Before working with Landing Lion, I worked at an agency as a digital marketing specialist, primarily focused in lead generation and helping companies optimize campaigns to improve SEO. Today at Landing Lion, I’m responsible for all of our marketing to generate leads and grow our audience.

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2. What are your marketing priorities at Landing Lion?

We have small team looking to focus not only on content development but also on user discovery. We're mostly focused on content development at the moment.

3. Why did you start using a chatbot on your site?

We decided to use chatbots because we’re a small team and everybody has to wear multiple hats. It allows us to streamline our workflow.

Live chat is a natural way for people to engage with a company without it being too intrusive, because if they don't want to engage they can just minimize the chat box. It also engages them right away without having to drive the user to a call to action at the bottom of the page.

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There is sometimes a fine line between a user converting or not converting on your website. It's been really interesting to see how many visitors are converting through our chatbots. Live chat can be that one component that captures their email and schedules a demo, which could ultimately lead to them becoming a user. It’s worked wonders for us. I'm confident that our chatbot campaigns will continue to help us generate more leads by asking those preliminary questions through live chat. In the future, I foresee it being something that more SaaS and tech companies will want to perfect. It’ll become critical to many companies’ marketing strategies.

4. What went in to building your initial bot from your perspective?

I don't think you're ever really done. You're always constantly building more, scaling, optimizing. Your first bot should just be a base for learning more about the type of users you're driving to your site. For us it was lead generation-centered, so we were focused on capturing contact information for follow-ups and determining whether or not visitors fit into our ideal client profile .

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5. What did you have to do to think through your lead generation objectives?

For us, it was just understanding the site visitors’ needs to determine how they should be routed. Leads that fit into our ideal client profile were ones that were routed to schedule a demo. Leads that didn’t necessarily fall into our ideal client profile were routed to self sign-up for a free trial and try the product immediately.

6. What have you done to engage prospects online and offline? What have you done to grow Landing Lion to date?

We've been focused on content development. We have a customer-centric marketing strategy based on educating our users. We're now beginning to understand who our ideal client is and the direction we want to go as a company. And we’re seeing search engine ranking improve through platforms like Google and social media.

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7. What are your goals for content marketing?

Our goal for content marketing is creating content that people will want. Whether that's a really great long article or a guide to best practices for SEO…things that people bookmark. Articles that are very detailed and very informative. Our resources should be easy for beginners to read and understand but also for more experienced marketers to be able to refer to. This not only helps us improve our search engine ranking, increases social shares, and leads to user discovery, but positions us as digital marketing experts.

Our vision is that if you if you believe in what we're teaching and sharing, you will believe in our product.

8. What big challenges have you faced marketing Landing Lion? Have you learned anything from that? What would you do differently?

I think everything is still a challenge. Not necessarily in the way of running into roadblocks. But I think just getting an amazing product in front of the people is a challenge, given that we don’t necessarily have as many resources as some of our larger competitors.

9. What do you think of the role of growth hacking today?

It plays a huge role. For us, growth hacking is figuring out creative ways to position our product in the channels that our ideal client exists in.

If the user finds value in the content then they're more likely to trust your product. Building that trust in the marketplace is where our growth hacking efforts are focused right now.

10. Has anything been surprisingly helpful or advantageous to you guys?

Something that never gets old is seeing the satisfaction users get from our tool. They're just blown away by the quality of our user experience. We always felt that our tool was a lot better than our competitors from a user experience standpoint. But to hear it from users almost every time, saying things like ‘I'm switching today,’ never gets old.

Our competition is starting to take notice too because now, if you search for us on Google, their ads will show up. So that’s confirmation that they see us.

11. Do you have any advice for people that are getting started with conversational marketing or chatbots?

You might be driving a lot of traffic to your homepage but make sure that your chatbot messages match the referral source. It can be the difference between a conversion rate of 10% or 40% for a site visitor starting a conversation and engaging with your chatbot. It can be the difference between somebody just being another anonymous visitor or a potential customer.

12. Where can we go to learn more?

To learn more about Landing Lion:

- Isiah Hill, Head of Marketing at Landing Lion.

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July 24, 2018

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