Community On Slack

The real-time home for B2B founders & marketers

At ConvoPanda, we've seen the amazing things that happen when people get together and start sharing ideas. We are big advocates for supporting each other, learning, and growing with our local and online communities. We wanted to create a space that would make it really easy for our community members.

So, we created a Slack community! Slack is an amazing tool for real-time chatting, collaboration, and relationship-building, and provides a space for people to connect from all over the world.

Our Slack community is warm, supportive, positive, smart, and emoji-friendly. :) It's a space for people bound by a common interest in conversational marketing -- marketers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and more!

Inside Slack, you can discuss the latest trends, ask for advice, discover new resources, find encouragement, and share your experiences. Some activities you can get involved with in our community:

  • Set goals in the #weekly-goals channel
  • Share chatbot campaigns that have worked well for you
  • Make ConvoPanda product or service suggestions
  • Get support from Harry and other chatbot experts
  • Get to know other community members by being paired in the #meet-someone-new channel

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, we'd love to invite you to join in.