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Harry Whelchel
Founder, ConvoPanda

UX Mistakes With Chatbots

Chatbots are a new and evolving software tool. We'll look at common gotchas and mistakes that can turn a great chatbot experience into a meh chatbot experience.

Purpose of Your Chatbot

Just starting out or thinking about building a chatbot? Here we'll cover the reasons why you and your company should invest in chatbots.

Training Your Chatbot

We like to think about adding AI to your chatbot as "training your chatbot". Learn different ways you can train your chatbot to be smarter than the average bear.


Go behind-the-scenes at ConvoPanda and find out about upcoming meetups, events, and product launches.

Designing Your Chatbot

The way you design your chatbot can make or break your ability to build your audience. Learn how to design your chatbot yourself the right way.

Humanizing Your Chatbot

Chatbots aren't human. We don't want to try to trick users into thinking they are. With that said, users prefer chatbots with a personality and a bit of personality.

Building Your Chatbot

All the advice and tools you need to build an effective chatbot that generates leads and grows your business.

Monitoring Your Chatbot

Once you've launched your chatbot and have users, you are just getting started. Building your chatbot is an iterative process that takes ongoing monitoring and review.

Chatbot Platforms

You need to choose the right platform for your chatbot. Learn about the different capabilities of chatbot platforms so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Selling With Your Chatbot

Are you interested in having your chatbot sell your products and services for you? Nope, not science fiction. Setup your chatbot to do so today.

Chatbot Teardowns

Let's learn from how popular people, brands, and services generate leads, grow sales, and grow their audience using chatbots.

Positioning Your Chatbot

The way you position and present your chatbot to your users can make or break your chances with a prospect. Learn how to position your chatbot the right way.

Marketing With Your Chatbot

Users that engage with your chatchatbot are a fantastic source of quality leads. Learn how to predictably generate high-quality leads using your chatchatbot.