Messaging Teardowns

Messaging Teardowns

Ever wanted to see how the best brands and services design their chatbots and auto messages? We'll take you behind the scenes by systematically and rigorously analyzing the best messaging campaigns so you can steal these best practices and test them in your own business immediately.

We'll study what platforms are most popular, what engines are used to power the chatbot or auto message, what enrichment services are leveraged, and what third-party APIs are common.

Most importantly we'll focus on user experience. The conversational flows, the branding, the voice, the rich media cards, and more that will really make your proactive live-chat campaigns helpful to users.

Our views on messaging teardowns:
  • Systematically analyzing the marketing of leading SaaS companies is one of the easiest ways to build better messaging campaigns.
  • You can begin to test strategies implemented by the best brands in your own business.
  • These tests can be anything from copy changes, quick reply options, or conversation flows.
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